Peelers and peeling tools - for kitchen catering and marketing

Peeler for kitchen catering and marketing. Development and construction

We offer peelers for kitchen, catering and marketing. Development and construction of technology for the kitchen, catering and marketing, sales and mediation, production

Peelers and peeling devices: technology for kitchens and caterers

manueller Schäler
Schäler für Küche Catering und Vermarktung

Fully automated peeling of asparagus, or purely machanical peeling of asparagus, carrots and similar stick vegetables with products made in Germany

Manuell betriebener Schäler für Küche, Caterer und Vermarkter

Heron H1: Peeler for kitchen and catering

Fully mechanical, manually operated peeling device for gastro kitchens, catering and sales stands

Automatischer Schäler für Caterer und Vermarkter

SpS 3.1: Peeler for marketing

Asparagus peeling machine with pneumatic drive, operated water - free and transportable


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